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To understand D&C economy you need to know this:

Now you know it. let's get a bit of details.


Money and resources. Every your planet will produce resources. The amount of resources you get depend on planet's natural resources, population and special bonus buildings. Moneys depend on population and mined resources. The more population you have and the more resources they gather, the more money they will produce.

Production. Production is similar to mining – it depends on population and special “bonus” buildings.

Science. Your science depends on amount of money you get per turn. The more you get money from your planets, the higher your tech level. Lose your money – you will use hand-axes, no matter how cool you was.

Science-II. Your planets can grow you tech level, yes. But money from your vassals will grow your tech level five times faster. One credit from your vassal is equal to few (depended on number of his governors) credits from your own planet! Keeping in mind your inability to endlessly expand, this is the reason, why you should develop your vassals network to dominate.

Governors. Governors lowers corruption on the nearby planets. Nearby does not mean the planet must be physically close, this means that the closest to the governor planet will be affected most, then goes the next planet and so on. About 7-th planet in this list will be corrupted beyond all reason, no matter is the planet 20 or 5 squares away.

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