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NOTE: During testing period ALL game features are free.

Q: My account seems to be removed, what's going on? I've registered half a year ago and returned today to spend all the resources collected. But I can not login!

A: To keep universe clean of zombies, free accounts are periodically removed using the following rules:

Players, who haven't choose a planet, are removed in 2 days.

Players, not logged in after the registration during the next 5 days, are removed

Players, who did not login for two month, are removed.

Players, who's last login time is older, than period between registration and last login, are removed.

In short you should login at least once a week or purchase a premium account.

Q: I have an excess of money over here, can I make my game experience better?

A: Yes, you can. First if all, you can buy a premium account. This will let you to login at any time, no matter how many players are currently on-line, get copies of selected game messages to your e-mail and get some other sweet improvements. Then you can purchase a right to have an unique avatar, an icon for your planets or even for the whole your empire. You can even purchase a right to create your own custom race.

Q: Can I buy something MORE usable? Like a planet or unit? Can I at least buy resources? Or buy a race with balance shifted? Or scalps of my enemies?

A: No, you can not buy that. All resources in the game must be created inside it. There is no way to import real money into the game. Period.
BUT. What you can do is to buy something from other players. You can even purchase a fully assembled empire, if someone will sell it to you. While we seriously doubt such kind of playing is in at any way enjoyable.

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