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In the previous part of the guide we have send our not-too-fast vorlonian fleet to nearest to us giant planet.

Four turns had gone, on our homeworld biofarm was completed and we have ordered another one. Population changed from 70 000 to 74 216.

And our “Scout” had reached it's target. We open “Planet”, click on 548:546 and examine the screen.

As was promised, white dot had grown to white dash and green arrow points to that dash.

Red arrow points to planet's occupation state. In fact there are two red arrows and they both point to occupation markers. Markers are clearly different - our home world’s one is white (our world) and is filled (world is occupied). Unfilled triangle marks a free world and is always gray.

Below you can find all possible occupation icons.

Your planet
Unoccupied planet
Occupied, no diplomatic relation set
Your enemy's world

Marker may have or may have not a gray grid. This greed marks the worlds with posibbly outdated state. Our Probe is here, so no grid present, but as soon as our probe leaves this world, the outdated state will be set.

Any fleet can see occupation state, no probe required. But we are here with another mission - we want to know weather our vorlonians will leave here or die.

Next to our planet we can see a graph (blue arrow) while this planet has no such graph. That what our probe will do - plot a graph and put it on our map.

We go back to “Space fleets” window, expand our “Scout” fleet and look at our probe.

Here it is. Research will take one turn to complete and will cost us 98 credits. We click “[Explore]” and wait a turn to end.

...single turn calculated...

Let us return to our scientists and see what they have done. They have done well. We now have full information on this world (aqua arrow).

One more thing we have is information what will happen with vorlonian on this planet. Green arrow points to a red line, crossing our hope to colonize this world. If this line would be pink, this would mean we could survive here. Yellow or orange line means we could leave here fine. Green line would mean a perfect conditions for our race. Red means our race will dye out here.

But there is something more our probe had found, There is an alien fleet approaching the planet.

Red arrow targets red dot. This is an alien fleet. We can not say who is fleet's owner until it in the hyperspace, so all such fleets are marked red on the map.

Well, we know something is approaching. What else do we know? Let us look at “Planet news” window.

Now we know from where the fleet is flying. We know jumpships number. And we know the weight of the fleet. The only jumpship with such weight is a probe. The planet a probe started from has suspiciously average size, which could mean it is someone's homeworld.

Now we have to decide what to do next. We can fly away now. This will save us time and we will definitely not disclose our existence. That was pro. Contra is we will not get any more information.

Another way is to turn stealth on and wait for our neighbor to arrive. This will let us to know who is the neighbor and where he will fly next. Keeping in mind he can not fly to an empty world, we could discover one more alien planet.

If we know our neighbor's name, we will be able to know his race, how long he is in the game, what his game rating is, how many planets he has. Suppose his probe will leave to 550:543 instead of returning to 549:544. If we would know he has two planets - we have his portrait in our pocket without even being seeing.

The problem could arise if the neighbor has advanced detection capabilities and will detect our hidden unit.

This is a guide, so I have to stay for any way. In the game you will decide for your self.

One more thing to note is “Space fleets” window. There is our fleet and there is the allien fleet as well.

This notation looks similar to the one we have seeing in our Harrison, but this numbers have completely different meaning. This is not “Three jumpships, one carrier-based, one transportable”, but it is “Three turns, one jumpship, one ton”. This is only a probe.

To save 12 credits we will only turn stealth on when the aliens arrive.

...two turns calculated...

We turn stealth on

...single turn calculated...

That's it! We can see him now, he (hopefully) can not see us.

This is human, and our warriors are definitely superior to humans. This fleet is called “Researcher”, which is not too informative since we already know it is a probe. Notation changed again (no turns till arrival now). Name of our neighbor is known to us as well, he has two planets already. Let us wait a bit and see where he will fly next.

...two turns calculated...

Let us see.

For any way that was cool. We know about his possible homeworld. Probably “Vorlon” race will have a hard time searching for a world to land. But shake humans to get some resources should be an easy task. Time to get profit from our race's strengths.

In the next part of this guide we will create an army and visit our neighbor.

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