D&C :: Making war

In the previous part of this guide we have discovered our neighbor human. We have gathered some information on him and decided to strike before he will grow strong enough to strike back.

We start constructing a Shuttle and now we have a Shuttle-I in building queue. This “I” means our shuttle uses advantages of our new technology level of 2. It is faster and stronger than zero-level unit.

As soon as your technology grows up, you will be able to construct hi-tech units and buildings. But if your tech level goes down you loose your ability to create such things.

Once built, unit will remain as it is forever. You can not upgrade or downgrade it and your level-I shuttle will remain level-I until you disband it or loose it in action.

We have three turns until our first shuttle fill be ready, as soon as we will have resources to construct one more shuttle, we will do so.

Seriously talking attacking a player started before us is a bad idea, but first of all it is a demonstration, so we have to do it for any way. Another point is our race - our soldiers are really good solders. We can easily win a battle with humans even being two times outnumbered. If they are not expecting us, we will definitely win.

And why do we need to win? To ask our neighbor to give us some recourses. Our race is not good at mining so some free resources will be quite handy.

The subjection technique is quite simple. You frighten you victim a bit, build a second governor and bring it to the victim’s homeworld. Then you offer nationality. If you have no money to create a second governor you can try your luck by simply requesting some resources, but in this case you will need customs, as well as your victim.

Races with great mining abilities are often bad warriors, so you can establish deeper relations by offering protection and trying to explain they need you. But I believe the best negotiations will take place after our victory - no doubt we are stronger and they need a protector.

All right, while we were thinking the seventh turn ended and we now have two shuttles capable of reaching our target. We create a fleet of “Death and decay” to make no doubt about our mission. We open our Harrison and see, what can be moved to the fleet. As we expected, you can not move infantry yet. Ok, we move both new shuttles to the new fleet.

Zero-level shuttle will stay here, it will slow down the whole fleet and it is unable to jump far enough.

After there are transport pods in our fleet we are able to move our infantry. Our zero-level infantry is not truly a best force we could produce, but time costs. For any way even human's infantry-I will not be strong enough to defeat our basic infantry.

Perfect, our fleet is assembled and ready. But there is one more thing. We need to give our fleet battle orders. To do so we press “Change fleet behavior...” (marked with green).

Yellow mark surrounds our fleet actions after meeting with alien fleets. We can make our fleet to attack enemies and to help friends. Or vice versa. In our case we must order our fleet to attack and invade player “Neighbor”. Such detailed instructions are not allowed, so we will have to make our fleet to attack all unknown aliens it will met. If we would open “Politic” tab while alien fleet was visible, we would be able to mark our neighbor as enemy, but now it is tool late. For any way we do not expect to see any friends there, so this fleet will attack (and then invade) anything it sees.

Then we press “Save new behavior” button and order our fleet to make a jump to 549:544. It will take 18 turns to reach the planet. Ooops. Slow. But that's Vorlon, to late to cry. We go ahead.

Humans will detect our fleet and will be able to prepare to our arrival, but they will not be able to eliminate our fleet after the first turn, that's for sure. If things will go wrong we will simply escape.

During the time our fleet will spend flying we will care of new biofarms and mines. Our planet requires our attention and exploring the area is a first priority task too.

...eighteen turns calculated...

The time had come! We open “Planet” tab and click on 549:544. First of all - this is most probably player's home (“Neighbor's home”). This could be a trick, thou.

Next we review “Planet news” window.

We have to consider things go definitely wrong. Our units loose hitpoints too fast. All battles are affected by random calculations and we will not surrender so easily, but this looks like a warning.

Let us check our fleet now.

This is clearly only the beginning. Now when we see our enemy we go to “Diplomacy” tab and set him as an enemy. Our fleet does not have to attack everyone anymore, so we do give it an order to ignore unknown players and only attack enemies.

...single turn calculated...

Still the same - they hit us more, 163 vs 62. There must be some hi-tech units expecting our arrival. We are not going to surrender yet, but it is unlikely this player will buy our protection.

...single turn calculated...

We could only rely on our unit's high hitpoints. 127 vs 80, this is clearly not a random event. Moreover, enemy fights at home so his units are repaired for 5% every turn. Our infantry has HP of only 20%, but the shuttles are almost intact.

...single turn calculated...

We are definitely loosing this battle. Let us save what remains of our army and take it home to repair. We retreat, and it is the wisest thing we can do now.

If we could inspect enemy's planet we would find there three level-I infantry and a battle mech, which was the thing to turn things against us.

This is the point we leave our vorlonians alone and finish this guide. All screens and events here was fabricated in the test universe and all unexpected meetings were cook up. Real world will be harder to deal with.

Good luck playing The Game.

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