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Though playing D&C you will make war, care of economics and trade, this game is not about battles nor trading.

Though you will enter into alliances, obey your lord and care about your vassals, this game is not about cooperation.

Though you can play on your own and fight for independence, this game is not about lones.

Though you can be a noble Samurai and die for your overlord, know this: this game is not about loyalty.

This game is about victors, who need never explain. It is about the slavery and the sway, which are one step away. This game is about the power, you can not share but can lose. About the power you will never get enough.

You can play D&C the way you like. You can be a noble knight, unscrupulous mercenary or a peaceful peasant. But this universe is driven by the victorious. And the way to the victory is not a rosy one.

All warfare is based on deception. (Sun Tzu, Art of War)


Diplomacy in D&C is quite similar to what you can find in any strategy game. You can mark any player as you ally or as you enemy on your choice, and he will never get to know about your choice.


Lord-vassal relation change this scheme a bit. First of all, to establish such relation future lord must have at least two governors and bring a governor to the future vassal's homeworld. Governor then can send a proposal to became a vassal. Player can agree, disagree or simply ignore the request.

If one agrees to became a vassal, lord-vassal relations are established immediately. Negative answer is sent to the frustrated lord instantly as well.

More than that, breaking lord-vassal relations is two-side action. You will be notified about the rebellion right after the moment it starts.

Maximum number of vassals is calculated like (number_of_lords - 1)*3.

Why to mess with all this vassal thing?

Vassal will get lord's native technology level. Native means the level the lord would have without any vassals. This means being a vassal of the player with similar to you technology level will make you no profit.

Lord gets resources and money. And moreover, his technology level grows. Any single credit a lord receives from his vassal will make few times more science points than his own credit.

Another reason to create a vassal relation is to concentrate and grow power. Fighting with a strong enemy is easier when you have a leader with advanced technology and lots of resources to create and support a huge army. This could lead to abuse of power though.

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